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Check if clicked HTML element is within a specific element with GTM

Google Tag Manager comes with a lot of useful build-in variables to use in triggers and tags, like the click-variables: “Click Element”, “Click ID” and “Click Classes”. These variables are useful when you want to base a trigger or tag on the exact element that is being clicked. However, what if you want to trigger […]

GTM custom templates for Lucky Orange

gtm custom template lucky orange

Lucky Orange is a heatmapping and session recording tool with similar possibilities to tools like the popular Hotjar. As of this moment (26-05-2019), there is not yet a custom template developed for Lucky Orange, nor is there a vendor tag available. So I’ll share mine. I created 3 tags which capture all the basic Lucky […]

Use a Google Cloud Function as a CDN

If you ever looked into the web implementation snippets of Google Analytics or trackers from Facebook and Google Ads, they have one similarity. In order to keep their implementation as short and simple as possible, their snippets all include a call/request to an external script hosted on their respective platforms. This request loads the script […]