Google Tag Manager custom template tags and variables

A long awaited feature in Google Tag Manager is finally here. GTM recently released custom templates. For the first time, this feature allows us to create our own templates in JS for tools where Google does not yes has templates for. Think about a tag template for Facebook’s remarketing tracker, the Facebook Pixel, or any other tool for which you once had to resort to the custom HTML tag.

I was fortune enough to be one of to got whitelisted for the beta project and had some time experimenting with it. Therefore I could have written this blog in preparation with lot’s of examples, but forgot and Simo already beat me to it. Go check out his blog for a more throughout explanation of the possibilities of custom templates.

My custom templates and variables

The first custom templates I experimented with, were for the tools Lucky Orange (a heatmapping/recording tool) and Usabilla (feedback tool). Both tools were used by some of my clients at that time and dit not yet have preconfigured GTM template tags yet. With the documentation of these two tools for GTM being fairly limited and having to resort to custom HTML tags, mistakes were easily made not only by me but also colleagues who were unfamiliar with the code.

This page will function as the collection of all the custom template and variables I created and link to their respective pages for detailed instructions. I’ll be updating this page every time I’ve made a template worth sharing 🙂

Custom template tags and variables

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